Upper School

Faith Christian Academy’s Upper School consists of ninth through twelfth grade. It is here where students solidify their decisions for their future and make a “name” for themselves. We offer small class sizes and use an individualized learning approach in every classroom where one-on-one instruction is incorporated in daily teaching activities.Through our integrated tracking program, teachers assist students toward meeting their academic needs and goals and work with them to find the best fit for their future careers. Our program assists students in choosing the best educational avenue, whether it be college-prep or a vocational track. Our upper school students are supported and encouraged as they embark on completing high school. Learn more about the financial investment information for Upper School, including tuition and fees.


As students get older, often times they begin asking questions about their faith and who they are in Christ. At Faith Christian Academy, students will experience a vulnerable environment where questions are welcomed. Beginning the day with devotion and prayer encourages students’ behavior towards learning and assists them with having a positive attitude. High School students attend chapel services at least twice per month and biblical studies is included in the curriculum.


Our upper school curriculum includes the four core academic disciplines: math, English, history, and science. While Bible study is incorporated into these disciplines, it is also offered as an elective course for more in-depth study. These courses are taught through interdisciplinary thematic units throughout the academic year. Graduation requirements of personal fitness, health, computer/technology, and foreign language are also available. College classes can be taken through the dual enrollment program. The upper school curriculum utilizes several different publishers and appropriate resources to meet our students’ needs. Each teacher provides a course syllabus at the beginning of each semester. The curriculum meets the Georgia Accrediting Commission criteria for the program of studies for high school. Our curriculum is complemented through study trips, interactive online activities and guest speakers.​


Upper School has many opportunities to get involved– there’s always something for everyone! In addition to monthly Saint’s Service Projects, Upper School students volunteer their time at local organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Clarkesville Kiwanis events. Giving back to the community is real for Upper School students, and they are exposed to individuals who have different backgrounds and abilities– making it truly a memorable experience. Using our minds and hands for service allows Upper School students to experience true learning and enter the real world understanding real life!